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The Best Time to Introduce Peanuts to Your Child

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The groundbreaking LEAP (Learning Early About Peanut Allergy) trial revealed in 2015 has led to up to date suggestions for peanut introduction. 

In this trial, 640 infants between the ages of 4-11 months who’re at excessive threat of peanut allergy have been randomized to both the peanut consumption group or the peanut avoidance group till the age of 60 months. Once they reached the 60-month mark, they have been examined for peanut allergy. In the avoidance group, 17.2% examined optimistic for peanut allergy in contrast to 3.2% within the consumption group. The early introduction of peanuts considerably decreased the event of peanut allergy in infants who had a excessive threat of creating a peanut allergy. (1)

What are the suggestions for early introduction to peanuts?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) not too long ago got here out with suggestions for the introduction of peanuts for peanut allergy prevention, largely influenced by the LEAP trial. The suggestions are as follows:

  • introduction between 4-6 months for high-risk infants,
  • introduction round 6 months for gentle to moderate-risk infants, and
  • introduction relying on household and cultural observe for infants at low threat for peanut allergy.

Risk evaluation relies on the presence of eczema and/or egg allergy. Infants with no eczema or any meals allergy are thought of low-risk for peanut allergy. The suggestion consists of detailed implementation for administration and testing for high-risk infants, which you’ll learn extra about in How to Help Prevent Peanut Allergy in Kids. (2)

What does this imply for fogeys?

As of right now, there aren’t any FDA accepted methods to deal with peanut allergy, however numerous totally different therapies are being researched. There is potential for one product to enter the market later this 12 months. Keep a watch out for any new developments, and ensure you work with a educated allergist in the event you pursue any of those therapies once they turn into FDA accepted. As with any remedy, it’s best to consider the dangers and advantages in your baby and your loved ones. It shouldn’t be secure to attempt to desensitize your baby from allergens by yourself with out medical supervision.

How are you able to begin to slowly introduce peanuts to your toddler?

If your toddler is within the high-risk group, please focus on together with your pediatrician earlier than introducing peanut-containing meals. Due to choking dangers, it is suggested not to give entire nuts to children earlier than age 5, and never to give peanut butter straight from a spoon or in lumps earlier than age 4. However, you’ll be able to crush, mix, combine, and chop to an age-appropriate level as famous under.

Mild signs of allergy can embody a brand new rash or just a few hives across the mouth or face. More extreme signs can embody lip, face, and tongue swelling, widespread hives, problem respiration, repetitive coughing, change in pores and skin coloration, and/or sudden tiredness. You ought to search quick medical consideration/name 911 with issues of extreme allergic signs. (3)

Some of the simple methods of introducing peanut butter embody: (4)

  1. Dilute 2 teaspoons of peanut butter with 2-Three teaspoons of scorching water, components, or breast milk and funky earlier than serving.
  2. Mix 2 teaspoons of peanut butter into 2-Three tablespoons of pureed baby foods.
  3. Try peanut-containing baby snacks like peanut puffs.
  4. For older baby think about making your individual peanut butter teething biscuits.

What are the important thing takeaways?

If your toddler is at excessive threat for peanut allergy, think about early introduction of peanuts as really helpful by AAP, however make sure that to give you a plan together with your medical supplier for secure introduction from each choking hazards and allergic reactions.

Peanut allergy is but to be cured, but when your baby might turn into much less delicate to a small amount of peanuts, it simply could put your thoughts somewhat extra comfy subsequent time they’re invited to a celebration! If your loved ones has a excessive threat of allergy or autoimmune illnesses, see How to Help Prevent Peanut Allergy in Kids for extra in depth particulars on threat. If you have already got a toddler with a peanut allergy, check out What if Peanuts Could Cure Peanut Allergies?

Bio: Amy Chen, MS, RD, CDE is a registered dietitian within the San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys writing, spending time along with her household, and discovering straightforward recipes.


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