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My Sick Baby Refuses to Drink or Eat Anything

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Mom’s Question:

My 7 months baby had a fever 103F four days in the past. She has been sick and had diarrhea for four days and won’t drink or eat something!

She cries and gags once I strive to feed her the bottle, I’ve tried to spoon-feed her, cup-feed her…

She has no fever anymore however nonetheless diarrhea, and lack of urge for food. I took her to the hospital and so they did blood work and urine and informed me she is borderline dehydrated and I simply want to take her house and provides her fluids!

Today I received her to drink 2 ozbut that’s it… I’m so nervous and pissed off.. Didn’t actually get any assist from the hospital. I don’t know what to do. She’s not torpid however is certainly not her comfortable energetic self.


Baby Helpline:

How To Treat Sick Baby That Refuses to Eat or Drink

I can actually perceive that you’re nervous. Dehydration is harmful and I believe you probably did the suitable factor to take your daughter to the hospital.

Diarrhea in children is usually attributable to an infection of the intestines. Diarrhea is normally self-limited and its commonest complication is extreme dehydration.

When to take baby to the hospital

Symptoms of extreme dehydration embrace decreased tears, dry mouth, sunken eyes, lower urine and lethargy. You can find a specification of more signs of dehydration in this thread.

Other causes to take your baby to the hospital are fever of 102 F (39ºC) or larger, persisting vomiting, seen blood within the stool and/or insufficient response to oral rehydration remedy.

How to hydrate a sick baby at house

If dehydration is just not extreme and your baby is ready to drink and to eat it’s advisable to deal with her at house. I assume this is the reason you despatched house and requested to give your daughter fluids.

Just as you already know, it is rather essential that you simply hold your baby hydrated. Easier mentioned than achieved with a sick baby that refuses to eat or drink. It is essential to NOT create stress and an influence wrestle round consuming or ingesting. Your baby could also be nauseated, drained, unhappy or simply merely with out urge for food. For this motive, you want to use all of your endurance and hydrate with baby steps.

Here is what to strive:

Try to give the baby a tea spoon of liquid; just about of something she may settle for, each 5 minutes for an hour.

Then relaxation for one hour after which do the identical factor once more for an hour.

Do this till your baby begins peeing or performing usually or present indicators of wanting to drink extra.

This process is normally what occurs additionally at hospital for a begin except the kid is so dehydrated that an intravenous drip is required. But since your daughter isn’t throwing up and isn’t torpid, there may be most likely a great likelihood to assist her at house.

Even if this can be very exhausting, you must proceed with this process at evening too, if mandatory to make her begin peeing usually once more.

I’ve sat with my baby in my knee extra or much less asleep, doing these  “1 teaspoon each 5 minutes feedings” to fight dehydration. I’ve truly felt that even when I turned completely exhausted, it was virtually simpler to get my infants to settle for the teaspoon after they have been virtually asleep.

(And even when you have to keep awake, let your baby go to sleep between the feedings.)

Since she has a diarrhea, prune and pear juice usually are not really useful, but when she likes blueberry juice or soup, you possibly can provide that.

Water, cereal, apple sauce, veggie, and fruit purees are good too in addition to after all pedialyte.

If she is in any respect excited about feeding herself, or even simply placing her fingers in some good purée and lick them, let her do this too. Banana and blueberry may mitigate the diarrhea and assist cease the dehydration.

Remember that even when she solely drinks or eats a tea spoon, each little mouthful helps.

So do what you’ll be able to to provide her one thing she likes and provide it usually. Then hold monitor of her peeing and roughly how a lot she eats and drinks.

If she turns into worse or even stays the identical, don’t hesitate to take her again to the ER.

I hope this helps just a little bit. I actually want you good luck!

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