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How Long Should Baby Sleep in Your Room? | The Baby Sleep Site

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According to the AAP, to scale back the danger of SIDS, dad and mom ought to share a room with their baby for the primary 12 months. But, do you have to actually share a room together with your baby that lengthy?

Sharing a room together with your baby actually has its benefits. Let’s assessment:

Advantages of Sharing a Room With Your Baby


As I discussed, it’s thought of most secure to share a room together with your baby, as a result of it reduces the danger of SIDS. It lets you act rapidly if one thing is occurring to your baby reminiscent of labored respiration, too. When my first baby was simply Three months outdated, he caught RSV which might be significantly harmful for younger infants. I barely slept these few nights listening to him breathe and made certain I saved him sleeping on an incline.


It is clearly extra handy to share a room together with your baby slightly than trek down the corridor and even upstairs or downstairs to feed them each 2-Three hours (relying on age), change their diaper, or simply examine on them, in common. If you need to stroll down the corridor or to a unique ground of your private home, you might be much more more likely to co-sleep or bed-share which is inherently riskier than room-sharing. The comfort of utilizing a bedside bassinet is an excellent factor and can assist many new dad and mom get much more sleep in these early days.

Although there are benefits to sharing a room together with your baby, there are generally drawbacks:

Drawbacks to Sharing a Room With Your Baby

Too Convenient

Sometimes having your baby in your room can nearly be too handy. Every noise or sniffle could make new, nervous dad and mom bounce at each sound. This can depart you feeling much more drained than crucial. My son was a really noisy sleeper. Even in one other room with a monitor, I may hear each noise he made, even when he didn’t want something from me. The predominant drawback is each time I used to be woke up, I couldn’t merely go proper again to sleep.

In addition to waking you usually, generally infants make noises between sleep cycles, however really don’t want any assist. The drawback is once you hear your baby making sounds, you would possibly assume he wants assist and you may inadvertently create sleep associations, that are the first purpose a baby wakes excessively at evening except for starvation. If you needed to stroll down the corridor, it’s possible you’ll wait a couple of minutes to see if she or he settles again to sleep however when your baby is only a foot away, it’s straightforward to react too rapidly.

Disruption of Your Baby’s Sleep

Just like your baby can unintentionally wake you, once you’re sharing a room with the baby, you would possibly unintentionally wake your baby. Your partner may snore, you’ll be able to discuss in your sleep, you’ll be able to rise up to go to the toilet, and many others. There are some ways you’ll be able to disrupt your baby’s sleep. If you’re breastfeeding, even the scent of your breast milk might result in extra frequent night-waking.

How Long to Share a Room With Your Baby

For the utmost security, you need to share a room together with your baby for the primary 12 months. Many of the households with which we work usually share a room for the primary 4-6 months, at minimal, some till a 12 months outdated. In the top, your distinctive elements as a household will dictate how lengthy you need to share a room together with your specific baby. If your baby has well being points, it’s possible you’ll be inclined to share a room longer than a superbly wholesome baby. If your baby is a loud sleeper and really cell, it’s possible you’ll be inclined to maneuver your baby to his or her personal room sooner. If your baby’s room is correct subsequent to yours, it’s possible you’ll not really feel as anxious as a household whose baby’s room is on a unique ground of the home. You know your state of affairs greatest and may belief your individual instincts on the subject of what’s best for you and your loved ones. And, in the event you don’t understand how lengthy you’ll share, merely proceed sharing till you discover a purpose to re-evaluate.

How lengthy do/did you intend to share a room together with your baby? How lengthy did you really share a room?

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