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Baby Only Sleeps and Naps When Breastfeeding! What to Do (No CIO)

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Mom’s Question:
My baby solely sleeps and naps when breastfeeding and I don’t’ know what to do!

My 6-month-old slept solely in a automotive seat till per week and a half in the past. He accepted the transition of sleeping in his crib comparatively simply (had to use some transitioning props), nonetheless now he solely sleeps for an hour and a half to 2 hours on the most and wakes up.

I can’t put him to mattress “drowsy but awake”. He could be drowsy, eyes half closed, I put him within the crib and he’s wakeful, crying, which turns to wailing, which leads to flailing his arms and legs, which leads to me choosing him up AGAIN to attempt and soothe him to begin throughout. He prefers to nurse to sleep.

Are there simply infants on the market who can not self-soothe and put themselves to sleep?

I’ll NOT do the cry-it-out technique. I’m so determined for somebody who is aware of what to do to come over to my home at evening and present me what to do! Or no less than to inform me how a lot protesting is regular. When he screams and cries, he can NOT be soothed by singing, patting, shhing, music, NOTHING, however choosing him up. What in God’s identify can I attempt??? In case the recommendation is to get him to nap extra (I do know good naps lead to good evening sleep), please inform me how to do this, too!!!

I used to be at residence with him for the primary 6 months and he nursed to sleep 2 – Three occasions a day. As lengthy as I held him he took half an hour to 2-hour naps. Now I’m again at work. How can the dad and baby sitter get the poor factor to take naps???


Baby Help Line:

Tips To Help Baby Sleep And Nap Without Nursing

I can positive hear and perceive your desperation. Your baby just isn’t in a position to self-soothe, he wakes up often at evening, he needs to nurse to sleep and he completely hates being left awake in his crib…

You know what; I’d say you may have a completely regular baby. 😉

On high of simply merely being a baby and quickly changing into extra and extra conscious of his environment and notably who’s round him, he has “lost” his mother one week and a half in the past. No surprise he prefers to sleep in your arms!

But even when his habits actually is regular, that doesn’t imply that it’s endurable. I’m such as you, I don’t just like the cry-it-out technique, however there do exist different methods to assist a baby sleep higher with out crying. It would possibly take a bit longer, however for my part, that’s value it.

Here are some concepts to check out to assist your poor sleeper:

1. Co-sleeping – Have you thought-about co-sleeping in any respect? In my expertise, throughout shaky intervals, when the baby is scared to be left alone, sick or just simply doesn’t sleep effectively, co-sleeping is by far the quickest manner to get some sleep as a mother. Your son is quickly 7 months old and you may look ahead to much more separation and stranger anxiousness. He wants you!

Research exhibits that if the mum or dad responds to their baby’s wants to be shut to really feel safe, it would really velocity up the kid’s independence, so don’t really feel unhealthy about taking him up for instance when he’s crying in his crib.

2. Settle with dad – Some infants additionally settle simpler if dad handles the evening waking; holding them, giving the pacifier or allow them to sleep with dad. You can all the time attempt!

3. Stroller walks – To assist your baby take naps with out nursing, I’d positively advocate stroller walks. If you may work out your baby’s regular eat and sleep sample, write it down and have dad or the baby sitter feed him and then take him out for a stroll earlier than baby will get too drained, chances are high nice that he’ll go to sleep whereas within the stroller.

Not many infants can resist a pleasant stroller stroll for lengthy. This manner your son will even find out how to go to sleep with out nursing.

4. Inside stroller “walks”  – If for some purpose, stroller walks exterior are usually not working for you, a stroller continues to be a terrific device to enable you to son nap with out nursing and additionally to nap for longer hours. Read my answer in this thread with a 7-month-old who also won’t sleep alone.

5. End the nighttime breastfeeding – To cease nursing baby to sleep at evening, you can read about three different methods here.

While it actually varies, you may take a look at how many naps and hours of sleep a 6-month-old baby usually need here.

If you go to our baby sleep tips, you’ll discover some further ideas to assist enhance your baby’s sleep patterns.

In addition, I can actually advocate the ebook “The No-Cry Sleep Solution”. You can read my review of it here.

I hope this helps a bit.

Above all; don’t fear about being alone with a toddler who doesn’t sleep alone or by the evening – they often don’t at this age!


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